South Melbourne Past Players mid-late 1950s (SLV122_103)

Charles Boyles Collection SLV

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SLV Accession no. H2008.122/103

Team: South Melbourne (VFL) past players


Top row: Keith Schaefer, unknown, unknown, unknown, unknown, Les Williams, Jack Williams
Middle row: Bill Faul, unknown , unknown , Herbie Matthews, unknown, possibly Jock McKenzie, unknown, Rex Ritchie
Front. Norm Matthews, Ted Whitfield, Harry Mears, unknown , possibly Terry Brain

Location: Junction Oval (St Kilda)
Date: mid-late 1950s


This is a team of South Melbourne (VFL) past players. Circa mid-late fifties.

Recognisable are Keith Schaefer (extreme left of top row), Bill Faul (extreme left of middle row), Herbie Matthews (fourth from left in middle row), and Les Williams (second from right in top row).

Three separate football decades are represented by these four players. An interesting photo. The grandstand is not identified - this is apparently not South Melbourne’s Lake Oval. Past-players matches, or ‘Old Timer’s Games’, were popular in the fifties, although only a few spectators are seen here.

White shorts.

Further Work Needed

I assume it is post 1953 otherwise Schaefer would be a current player rather than a past player.

Keith Schaefer 1947-53
Bill Faul 1932-38
Herbie Matthews 1932–45
Les Williams 1937-51
Harry Mears is probably front row, third from left

Ted Whitfield is probably front row, second from left

Picassa suggested that the player front row far right was Terry Brain.
I do not have an image from the end of his career, but there is some resemblence

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