South Melbourne Senior Team 1940 R3 (DG_058)

Damien Green Collection

Team: South Melbourne (VFL)
Location: Windy Hill (Essendon)
Date: 1940


Back row: Jim Cleary, Jack Graham, Sandy Patterson, Wilbur Harris, George Collard, Alex Mitchell, Harry Gray, Pat McNamara
Middle Row: Keith Smith, Reg Richards, Norm Matthews, Herbie Matthews, Jock McKenzie, George Bates
Front Row: Jack Hacker, Lou Reiffel, Owen Evans, Reg Coyle


Further Work Needed

Initial confusion existed because Jack Hacker was initially identified as Vic Castles who started in 1942. A correct identification, and a complete player listing from the scrapbook of Ron Reiffel clearly identify the game.

Round: 3 Venue: Windy Hill Date: Sat, 11-May-1940 2:45 PM Attendance: 16000
Essendon 4.3.27 6.8.44 9.10.64 12.14.86
South Melbourne 2.3.15 7.6.48 9.9.63 10.15.75

This photo appears in the Sydney Swans Collection with the date 1944 included on the photo. This date, possibly reproduced elsewhere, is incorrect.

Duplicates - Near Identical Photos

NSM 1986.1170.557 - Negative for this image
NSM 1986.1170.369 - Slight Variation

Damien Green Collection

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