South Melbourne Senior Team 1946 (SLV 122_230)

Charles Boyles Collection SLV

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SLV Accession no. H2008.122/230

Team: South Melbourne (VFL)
Location:Junction Oval (St Kilda)

Top Row: Ron Bywater, Alan Lindon, Ron Clegg, Don Grossman, Probably Peter Tippett, Wylie Chambers, Probably Max Piggott , Tom Roulent
Middle Row: Len Holland, Bill King, Jim Cleary, Jack Graham, Pat Bourke, Reg Richards, Vic Castles, Unknown
Front Row: Billy Williams, Harry Mears, Unknown, Alf Callick


This is a South Melbourne (VFL) Senior Team photographed at Lake Oval (South Melbourne) circa 1946-47. Jack Graham (captain 1946-48) is in the centre of the group.

Players definitely identified are Ron Bywater (extreme left of top row, 58 senior games, 1942, 1944, 1946-50); Ron Clegg (third from left in top row, 231 senior games, 1945-1954, 1956-60); Jim Cleary (third from left in middle row, 222 senior games, 1934-48); Jack Graham (fourth from left in middle row, 227 senior games, 1935-49); Pat Bourke (fifth from left in middle row, 38 senior games,1944,1946-49); Billy Williams (extreme left of front row,124 senior games, 1945-51).

Black shorts. Grandstand is full. Stairways also full.

Further Work Needed

OK a bit more digging. Pat Bourke only played 4 games in 1946, so a quick look at rleague.stats.com identifys this match as

Round: 9 Junction Oval, Mon, 17-Jun-1946
South Melbourne 18 16 (124)
Richmond 15 20 (110)

The Three unknown players are probably
• Baxter, Archie
• Leith, Merv
• Tippett, Peter

Compare the player back Row fifth from left to a photo identified as Peter Tippett supplied by Damien Green.

Other indicators of the date are

The Dance Advertisement for Tuesday 25th of June, is a 1946 date.

Ron Bywater did not play in 1947

Identification assistance provided by responses to my posts on the bigfooty forums

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