South Melbourne Senior Team 1951 R04 (DG_059)

Damien Green Collection

Team: South Melbourne (VFL)
Location: Arden Street, North Melbourne
Date: 1951 R4

Top row: Ron Paez, Don Scott, Ron Clegg, Erwin Dornau, Keith Schaefer, Jim Taylor, Ian Gillett
Middle row: Mick Sibun, Jack Garrick, unknown, Gordon Lane (C&C), Harry Moore,Eddie Lane, unknown,
Bottom row: Tom Ryan, Bruce Murray, Kevin Hilet, Billy Williams

Missing Players from
  • Deagan, Paddy
  • McDonald, Brian
  • McGuinness, Keith
  • Patterson, Jeff


Thanks to Harry Price's identifications this game can be identified.
Harry Moore only played in 1951
Many of the same players played in Round 4 and 5, but round 4 was an away game (white shorts) and round 5 was a home game (black shorts).

Round: 4 Venue: Arden St Date: Sat, 12-May-1951 2:15 PM Attendance: 15000
North Melbourne 2.0.12 8.2.50 10.4.64 12.6.78
South Melbourne 2.3.15 5.9.39 6.16.52 9.19.73

Further Work Needed

Assuming Eddie Lane and Tom Ryan identifications are correct, this team must be from 1951-52

Eddie Lane 1951-1956
Ron Paez 1949-1953
Ron Clegg 1945-1954, 1956-1960
Keith Schaefer 1947-1953
Tom Ryan 1948-1952

South Melbourne Captain 1950-52 was Gordon Lane
Football Record v38n10 Round 08 16-Jun-1951 p06 Gordon Lane
Football Record v38n10 Round 08 16-Jun-1951 p06 Gordon Lane

Duplicates - Near Identical Photos

NSM 1986.1170.626
NSM 1986.1170.447

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