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Sun 5-Oct-2013

Published by mriley on 2013-10-05 mriley
Congratulations to the Hawks in this year's Grand Final!

The Site had Technical Problems

We experienced some software malfunctions and after checking my morning email I found that our site had been taken down the night before without any warning. Our provider then required that we fix the problem immediately, unfortunately I had no idea what was the cause.

A relatively happy ending with the provider making some technical changes and me upgrading tiki wiki to a new version of the software appears to have ended the problem…..Hopefully.

The Site has had a major upgrade.

The new version of our software has caused some teething problems, so I have taken the opportunity to do a range of upgrades:
  • Redesigned the site menu – Player database, Grounds and Timeline are now more prominent
  • Fixed the confusing Commercial Work and Photographers areas, a much better layout has really improved things.
  • Lots of improvement to the Grounds pages
  • New Privacy Policy and implementation in the player pages. This has been lacking for a while. We include information on many people who are still living. Having a clear policy should be an improvement.
  • New article on Hugh Buggy
  • Improved Image Rotation System on Site homepage. The previous version only seemed to work for Administrators.
  • Inclusion on a Website Reader Survey. It would be good to get some feedback about what direction people think we should be taking.
  • Fixed the Comments – they now appear to be working. This appears to be one of the benefits of the upgrade.

We have also added lots of new photos (over 800) have meant that we have now gone over 8,000 photos on the site
  • Sun Newspaper 1925 Football Photos
  • The Age 1929 Football Photos
  • Argus 1950’s Team photos
  • Coca Cola 1962 Football Cards
  • Many better quality cards, including the Reverse in 1934 Hoadleys Victorian Footballers Cards
  • Lots of modern ground photos by Justin Schmidt

What's New

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