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Published by mriley on 2014-04-15 mriley
There have been many edits to existing pages, and a large amount of work on improving the quality of the North Melbourne identifications. The list of new pages continues.

Origin of the Big-V
Class and Warfare: The MAFA and the VFL Seconds
Laurie Shipp - Yallourn Football Club
Raymond Morris - National Museum of Australia

Boyles Photos
Hawthorn Senior Team 1938 (HM 13)
Hawthorn Senior Team 1960 (HM 12)
Hawthorn Senior Team 1959 (HM 11)
Hawthorn Senior Team 1958 (HM 10)
Hawthorn Senior Team 1952 (HM 08)
Hawthorn Senior Team 1941 (HM 05)
Hawthorn Senior Team 1940 (HM 04)
North Melbourne Senior Team 1945 R07 (VP)

Image Sets
1965 Scanlens
1964 Scanlens
1963 Scanlens
VFL On Film 1909-1945 - Marking Time V1

Biographic Pages
Samuel McMichael
Williams, Doug (VY)

Women's Football Section
Womens Football - Overview
Womens Football 1950-1956
Womens Football Late 1940s
Womens Football WW2
Womens Football 1930s
Womens Football 1920s
Womens Football WW1

Club Pages
Melbourne University
Reference_ Melbourne University Leading Goal Kickers
Reference_ Melbourne University Coaches
Reference_ Melbourne University Captains
Box Hill (VFA)
Reference_ Box Hill Club Champions
Reference_ Box Hill Coaches
Reference_ Box Hill Captains
Moorabbin (VFA)
Reference_ Moorabbin Coaches
Reference_ Moorabbin Captains

Match Database
Reference_ 1966 VFL Grand Final
Reference_ 1965 VFL Grand Final
Reference_ 1964 VFL Grand Final

East Melbourne Cricket Ground
Reference_ First Class Cricketers who played Football Outside Victoria

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Boyles Photos by Year//Interesting Games
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