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Donating Missing Photos

Charles Boyles took thousands of photos over a thirty year period. We do not have all his photos and are always interested in adding new Boyles photos to this site.

If you are going to email us a photo, We would love to know as much as possible about the photo. A few details that would assist us are:
  • Source of the Photo (How did you get the photo)
  • How do you know it is a Boyles Photo (Label onthe back?)
  • Who is in the Photo (Can you name the competition, players, years etc?)
  • Is there any history to the photo (Your family member.. etc)

Assisting with Identification

Source: http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Human-help-browser.svg
Source: http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Human-help-browser.svg

There are many photo from many competitions. we have done our best with identifications. If you can add to or correct our identifications, your assistance is most welcome.

Please tell us which photo you are commenting on and what you are basis your identification on, is it just a resemblence, and can you confirm that the individual played with the team in the correct period. We use the terms 'Possibly' and 'Probably' widely throughout the website to indicate uncertainty in identification.

Correcting Errors

If we have made an error, such as misidentifying a ground, match, year, player, etc we will endeavor to correct the error. please either email us or add a comment to the relevant photo.

Information on Other Photographers

If you have information on other photographers that worked during Boyles work life, then we are very interested in adding to our list of photographers and photo Studios. We add a new page when we have multiple photos and some biographical details and don't add a page when we have just one photo.

Behind the scenes we are collection photos whenever a studio label appears on the photo so that we can build a page about that photographer in the future. So anything you send us would be very welcome.

Writing Articles

This site contains a number of articles. If you are interested in submitting an article, we are interested in articles on:
  • Charles Boyles
  • Football Photographers
  • Highlighting matches related to photos in the collection
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